About us

PROACT is a professional firm, providing a variety of services; which includes consultation, coaching, training and implementation. Our services are specialized in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR); moreover, public relation, event management and advertising services. It is our obligation to efficiency meet our clients demands and maximize their highest potential; in order to achieve an excellence in the services supplied through an ethical manner.

We offer to our clients

  • We use multi-disciplinary approaches to public relations.
  • We act through strategic planning because it leads us to construct creative solutions.
  • PROACT provides a diversified range of professional business solutions in an innovative manner to fulfil clients’ demands all over Middle East region.
  • We provide high standards of quality through being effective and efficient.
  • We provide a complete support system which ensures comprehensive communication resources for brands, services and corporate entities.
  • We are accountable for helping our clients obtain the level of publication they need, which includes advertising, event management and mass media.
  • We utilize our capabilities to fulfil our clients’ needs and provide materials that are strategically on targets.
  • We are flexible and adaptable with the market dynamics in order to remain successful.
  • We are obliged to maintain high standards of business ethics.
  • We advocate moral virtues; such as honesty, integrity, truth, kindness and modesty in PROACT between our team members.
  • All of the previous comes together under the umbrella of business ethics; in which we offer our comprehensive service formula of integrated communications.